MY9NJ.COM: Newark’s Italian Consulate Shutting Down?

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Newark, New Jersey (My9NJ) – New Jersey’s very own Italian Consulate located in Newark is looking to shut its doors in March of 2014. But the New Jersey legislature and NJ’s Italian Americans are working hard to stop that from happening.


State Senator Joe Kyrillos introduced a resolution last week to help keep the consulate open. “We thought it made a lot of sense to send a signal to the Italian government, to the Prime Minister and the senate and congress of deputies over there that it makes sense to keep the shop here in New Jersey.” he said.

Kyrillos explained that while there are cost cutting opportunities at the consulate, closing it all together is not the solution. Put plainly, there are a lot of Italians in the garden State for the consulate to serve. New Jersey ranks 4th for the number of Italian-Americans in the nation and 2nd for Italian immigrants. So, Senator Kyrillos is putting pressure on the Italian government to keep it open, along with bi-partisan support from others in the NJ Legislature.

Augusto Sorriso is an Italian America who is a member of the General Council of Italians Abroad. Sorriso believes the consulate needs to stay open, and suggested sending fewer Italian employees over and hiring more local employees to save money. He compared closing the consulate in Newark to closing the Newark airport – just because it is close to JFK, doesn’t mean it isn’t needed.

To learn more about keeping the Italian Consulate Open, visit the “Save The Italian Consulate In Newark” Facebook page:

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